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custom term paper writing caffeine

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custom term paper writing caffeine

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Building on this experiential continuum and represents a natural experiment. For instance, to reflect both expressive constitutive and instrumental in function, vary and matter. Baltimore: Johns hopkins university press.Enjoy free essays, examples of research papers, sample term papers, free dissertation samples and paper writing tips for all students. Example papers and sample papers on the most popular topics. Effective Papers. Sunday, November 28, Research Paper on Caffeine.

Most people consume caffeine because of the positive effects it has, however, most of us would be shocked at the negative effects it imposes. Caffeine, for years, has been regarded as a mild stimulant whose usage throughout the world has increased greatly because of the effects it has on the central nervous system.

However, if you knew that caffeine causes physical and psychological dependence just after cups, would you take it? Among teens and adults, caffeine is considered an important aspect of life probably because it greatly improves mood, mental performance, and physical performance. Psychologically, caffeine combats mental fatigue and lethargic behavior. In studies, it was shown that caffeine helps people pay attention to a repeating series of noises and images.

custom term paper writing caffeine

It is clear that caffeine can help you focus during prolonged activities and help one improve complex mental skills. In addition, caffeine gives one the energy and strength to complete difficult physical tasks by fighting muscular fatigue. For these reasons, caffeine is taken consistently by adults and teens, and that is why it is considered very important in daily life.

After about 3 cups of coffee, your body becomes dependent on caffeine. To demonstrate this, a study was done on a group of volunteers who drank cups of coffee who soon developed the main symptom of caffeine withdrawal or headaches. Depression, anxiousness, feelings of fatigue, and even flu like symptoms were present in ten percent of the volunteers. Not only does caffeine cause trembling hands and insomnia, but too much can lead to diarrhea and excessive urination.

Caffeine, above all, should not be mixed with other drugs because caffeine can increase the stimulant effects of other drugs such as appetite suppressants and tranquilizers. Hypertension, or high blood pressure, can be another dangerous effect caused by caffeine when consumed at great amounts. Caffeine can also pose a risk to women because it decreases their chances of getting pregnant and increases the chance of miscarriage. Increased amounts of caffeine consumption can over stimulate the fetus causing abnormal heart beats before and after birth.

Caffeine, in as little as 2 cups of coffee in postmenopausal women, can cause a great amount of bone loss. Ulcers are also a side effect of caffeine intake because caffeine stimulates secretion of gastric acid causing irritated stomach ulcers and heartburn. Because of the harmful effects of caffeine, it is essential that it be taken in moderation.

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It is clear from the information above that caffeine taken consistently can have very dangerous effects. So why is caffeine taken so often? Caffeine is present in many medications such as cold combinations, analgesics, and stimulants. Kolephrin, a type of cold combination, has twice the amount of caffeine and is almost equal to the amount of caffeine in instant coffee. It is important to note, that some of the caffeine from the drinks above is natural such as that from Coca-Cola.

However, some beverage companies such as Mountain Dew add caffeine so that it becomes slightly addictive. Children who consume soda on a daily basis often suffer from withdrawal effects because of the lack of caffeine. For these reasons, it is essential the food and drug manufacturers list the amounts of caffeine in their products. As one can see, the negative effects of caffeine greatly outweigh the positive effects.

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The smell of freshly brewed coffee is a morning ritual for many around the world. In fact, over billion cups of coffee are consumed each year, making it one of the most popular global beverages. Coffee is a stimulant, and so it boosts personal productivity for many people.

It also serves a social function as people gather around steaming mugs at dinner tables and coffee shops. What could possibly be wrong about such a popular, productive, and social drink?

It contains caffeine, an addictive chemical that is also present in cigarettes. Coffee is, therefore, habit-forming, and this raises serious questions about the possible effects that coffee has on its users. The research is not clear, however, and this only complicates the question of how bad coffee truly is. In light of its addictive power, however, consumers should carefully weigh both the positive and negative health aspects of drinking coffee.

You're lucky! Order Now. How might drinking coffee be good for people? Antioxidants also boost the liver health of the users and reduce the chances of heart disease Bohn et al.

All of this would seem to make a very strong case for the health benefits of drinking coffee. What are negative effects of drinking coffee?

Once again, there is plenty of research that addresses this question. On the social level, for example, coffee drinking is connected with the consumption of fast food and junk food, such as doughnuts.

This combination increases the intake of carbohydrates and therefore increases the blood sugar level Bohn et al. The result is an increased chance of developing diabetes, as a byproduct of coffee drinking and its association with sugary treats. Coffee is also associated with psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety Jung Researchers have identified caffeine as the substance that can induce depression in coffee drinkers.

When a person with a pre-existing disorder uses coffee, there is a strong likelihood of inducing anxiety. Addiction to caffeine may also induce mild headaches and inactivity where a person fails to take coffee. This can result in a cycle of dependency and an unbreakable reliance on coffee to generate energy throughout the day. With so much contradictory research, how do we reconcile the competing claims? Coffee serves a social and economic role as well, and this needs to be weighed against the health claims.

Most forms of addiction have serious negative consequences to society. The ability of individuals is compromised by drugs, for example. Cigarette smoking, too, adds significant financial strain to the healthcare system and is a proven detriment to the health of individuals. Coffee, on the other hand, can increase productivity, energy, and focus. Studies suggest that taking coffee in the morning increases the productivity of the user Guessous at al.

In the same way, coffee is commonly used to reduce fatigue and increase the endurance of a worker, especially when a person has to work late into the night. Coffee therefore seems to have the opposite impact on individuals and society as compared to other forms of substance addiction. So what should the coffee drinker do?We want your vote! Write a review and help us better our business.

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custom term paper writing caffeine

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Our writers can handle any length and any complexity by your deadline.We use cookies to enhance our website for you. Proceed if you agree to this policy or learn more about it. Type of paper: Research Paper. Caffeine is the most pervasively used psychoactive and widely used mood-altering drug in the world. The fact that caffeine is not regulated implies, this drug does not have severe effects. It is clear that the coffee, tea and other beverages that contain caffeine result in addictions.

Research indicates that the caffeine is extremely addictive, with ability to cause conditions of intoxication, withdrawal, and dependence. The addiction arises from its ability to induce sleep, decrease pain, and fatigue, boost memory, and promote anxiety.

Caffeine helps in sustaining duration, maximizes effort, and increases speed during endurance events. It has not been shown to reduce heat tolerance, as many people believe. The problem with regular caffeine use at levels above 50 to mg daily I what transforms from an exceptional pick-me-up into dependence. This is so because most people tend to drink coffee in order to avoid the exhausting headaches that come with withdrawal. In order to understand the caffeine addiction is vital to understand how it works.

In the nerve cell, caffeine look like adenosine, a molecule make the nervous system slows down, dilates blood vessels, and encourages sleep Richard, Therefore, caffeine and adenosine compete for adenosine receptor binding in the blood vessels. The adrenal glands recognize the presence of caffeine and release adrenaline into the system.

As a result, breathing tubes dilate, heart rate increases, muscles contract and blood pressure rises. This process continues until the abuser of caffeine end up being addict. It is clear that the caffeine has positive effects on athletic are powerful in non-users than in regular users. Therefore, the people who usually ingest less than 50 mg daily, which is equivalent to a half cup of coffee gained greater performance gains compared to those who ingest or more mg daily.

This is so because the brain tends to adapt to regular caffeine use by producing more adenosine receptors for binding to the actual adenosine a part of caffeine molecules.

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The caffeine effects are reduced to the usual dose and more caffeine is required to produce the desirable physiological changes.